Networks 1.0

Present Attempt went on a 24 hour journey that started and finished in a theatre in London and attempted to connect all the people in the world!

As we travelled round the country, we met and made friends with people along the way, physically traversing people’s social networks in order to build a human-sized map of inter-connectivity.

We began in London at 13:00 on 20 August in a theatre at Riverside Studios. We then traveled by road around the country, in a minibus, in a very large circle and throughout we attempted to broadcast live at regular intervals.

After eleven hours, at midnight, we passed through the Forest Fringe Festival in Edinburgh before heading back to London through the night, eventually ending at the very same theatre at Riverside Studios where we has started.

You can see the project blog here to find out more about our journey and watch recorded videos of our live broadcasts.

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  • Present Attempt is a collective of artists making experimental theatre, performance and live art. We like now...