Networks 2.0: Walking Smiles


Walking (S)miles is an event that builds a unique ‘map’ of a city as people wander through it, collecting smiles from passers by. Each time a participant receives a smile from a stranger, they record it by sending a text message back to the ‘Hub’ where the information is continuously received and processed in real-time. The ‘Hub’ gradually creates a live, temporal ‘map’ of the areas of city that have been explored. The event is also punctuated by a musical score – each time a smile is received, a glockenspiel is played; resulting in a live aleatoric composition determined by the frequency of smiling. This is then amplified through speakers/loudhailers for the city to hear.


Walking Smiles has taken place in:

London, Dec 2009 (Stoke Newington International Airport)

Manchester, July 2010 (Hazard/Larkin’ About at The Greenroom)

London, July 2010 (Hide and Seek Weekender at the National Theatre)


“Smile when the situation does not call for it. Smile when you are feeling angry, when you are feeling miserable, when you are feeling most crushed by the world – – and see if it makes any difference.”

Paul Auster – Gotham Handbook


A Prototype of Walking Smiles

Read and view a text made in collaboration with Rachel Lois Clapham.


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