Keeping the Park

Bending and borrowing the conventional form of the tourist’s audio guide, we created a bespoke audio guide for Away Day. Generated from interviews and conversations with the locals whilst walking round the park and incorporating small performance acts and unsuspecting occurrences, the guide is made through the lens of the networks present in Wandle Park.

Part of the Away Day festival where over 20 artists present new works as POST returns to Merton in south London with Away Day. Engaging with suburban spaces of leisure, Away Day is a series of site-specific artworks for three public parks: Mostyn Gardens in Morden, Wandle Park in Colliers Wood and Ravensbury Park in Mitcham. Diverse interventions, performances and temporary artworks accost visitors with imagined alternative realities and new mappings of these spaces during weekends in May and June 2010.

In 2011, following a grant from Merton Council,  we worked further with the local community to make the guide a permanent installation in the Donald Hope Library and to make it freely available on the Merton website. For more information please click here.

Origianlly commissioned by POST as part of Away Day with support from Arts Council England . Further development supported by Merton Council Arts Development Grant.

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