Mapping Smiles

Following an intense period of collecting people’s smiles in London at Hide and Seek and last weekend in Manchester at Hazard Festival, we are in the process of compiling all of our documentation which we will be adding to this site soon. We will also be working on developing this project over the rest of the summer.


Hazard Manchester

Hazard_logo_posterousWe will be up in Manchester on 17th July 2010 running Walking Smiles at Hazard – a biennial festival of intervention and sited performance offering strange occurrences in unexpected places.

Stationed in the Manchester Arndale Centre – we will send out a ‘army’ of smilers who have one hour to go out into the city to see if they can raise the temperature by trying to solicit smiles from strangers. These smiles then get mapped in real time, creating a handmade visualization of the intervention.

Walking Smiles is part of the Larkin’ About programme – a mircofestival within a festival!

We are really excited to be running Walking Smiles as part of the Hide and Seek Weekender and LIFT Festival 2010. This time the event will run for just over 48 hours continuously, from Friday 9th July until Sunday 11th July and takes place in the foyer the National Theatre.

You can play Walking Smiles from wherever you are.

Have a look at the instructions on our post card above and attempt to collect as many smiles as you can from strangers.

Each time you collect a smile text or tweet it in – as you do we will map them on our handmade map which is based at the National Theatre, London.

Hope that you can join us to cheer up the city/countryside!

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