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21/22 October at Riverside Studios

SHOW TiME returns to Riverside Studios to present a line up of extraordinary artists making contemporary performance work. Opening a new space in London for artists and audiences to come together to experiment, we have combined works in development and completed performances to give you two diverse days of theatrical experiments. We hope you can join us on the river and support the event and all the artists involved.

More info here: www.show-time.org.uk


Hymn for Hope Square

Hymn for Hope Square was created as part of  SLICE, an international project that presents twenty new artworks created following a dialogue between UK and Pakistani artists. It is a response to Hope Square near Liverpool Street Station in London.

SLICE maps an imaginary line that cuts through buildings and across streets from Lahore to London, establishing a new dialogue with the social and physical fabric of two iconic, complex and historically linked cities. Focusing on the first mile at each end of the line, which runs from Lahore Central Station to Liverpool Street Station in London, a group of Lahore and London based artists were invited to make a work each, inspired by a location on the slice.

Hymn for Hope Square was created through a series of chance encounters. Over a number of months we visited and used the square. We stood, we sat and we waited – sometimes impatiently, sometimes fascinated, other times frustrated. We noticed a gap between the name of the square and the atmosphere of it. And we found ourselves writing a hymn in praise of Hope Square, in an attempt to redress this imbalance through words and song.

SLICE was a project produced by Other Asias and Scale. It was funded by Arts Council England, Apples and Snakes and the VASL Artists Collective. 


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