SHOW TiME (June 2011) is now over. A new SHOW TiME is coming soon – if you are interested in opening the doors of your venue or you’re an artist keen to take part in future events then contact us here.


SHOW TiME presented a line up of extraordinary artists from the UK making contemporary performance work. Opening a new space in London for artists and audiences to come together and take risks, in each session hosts Present Attempt combined works in development and completed performances to give you two diverse days of theatrical experiments.

Kings of England presented ‘I Belong to this Band!’, a performance formed of a shifting collective of musicians and performers who perform a set-list of songs, stories and dances, in celebration of the Folk Traditions of the British Isles. Bristol based artist Jo Bannon presented Foley, part performance demonstration, part thriller. Foley explores the hand-made techniques of making sound effects for film live on stage. Made in China presented We Hope You Are Happy (Why would we lie?), a new performance, featuring a cooler box full of food and a lot of ketchup, about trying to connect to the person next to you and to the unknown victim of a televised tragedy.

SHOWTIME also hosted a series of works in development: Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice by award winning Dancing Brick, Escape Velocity (Bye Bye Bye) by London based Barometric, Keine Angs by Ira Brand a project about fear that she has been developing as part of as part of Camden People’s Theatre’s Starting Blocks Artist Development Scheme and ATOMKRAFT, an new work by Greg McLaren from the wonderful Stoke Newington International Airport.

  • Present Attempt is a collective of artists making experimental theatre, performance and live art. We like now...